Dan Farmer: Acceptance and Commitment Trainer and recovering anxious person


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Caerphilly, Wales, GB, CF83 3GG

This ONLINE course, based on Acceptance and Commitment Training, describes how to cultivate Psychological Flexibility and build freedom

Do you ever get caught up in overthinking? Mind running at 100 miles an hour in response to whatever is going on in your world?
Slow it down by learning where your mental brakes are and how to apply them.

Human beings have a unique thinking brain which has allowed us to develop language, complex abstract thought and the amazing world around us. The problem is that its also wired up to a much older threat centre.

This means if we can think it we can be threatened by it. If we have a thought that we find difficult or uncomfortable we instictively hit the accelerator of the mind – which is when accidents happen.

In this fascinating course we learn about some of the reasons behind an unprecedented increase in mental health challenges in our society over the last 20 years, and more importantly what we can do about. Both for ourselves and others.

According to a 2023 Sunday Times article there are approximately 1.35 million people off work with Stress, Depression or Anxiety, costing the UK Ecomony a (conservative) 118 Billion (London School of Econmics report) each year. That’s nearly a Boris Brexit bus EVERYDAY!

This course dives into how our minds work and how with Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) we can learn to cultivate Psychological Flexibility – the Brakes.

This absorbing course is packed with stories and anecdotes and is a captivating way to spend a couple of hours. Even if you don’t see your self as someone who suffers with mental health challenges, many attendees report getting insights into their own minds and behaviours that they were previously unaware of.

An attendee contract and Zoom link will be sent out in advance of the course date.